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UNCLE LUMPY'S CRAFTS & TOYS:  Phil (Uncle Lumpy) McCrillis has been a local craftsman for over 30 years, here in the state of Maine. He's been a woodworker, carpenter and carver for over 40 years. The arrival of his first grandson Julian, inspired him to create hand carved cars and animals.  Feeling a need for a lifestyle change, he decided to turn this love and hobby into his full time avocation. The neighbors caught wind of what he was doing and started giving him requests for more and more elaborate toys and the business has taken off from there. Working w/ the concept of making safe, quality, “ heirloom toys", these one of a kind creations will last for generations, and in turn, be handed down to following generations. He uses only hardwood (cherry, curly maple, birds eye maple, black walnut etc…) . All toys are made w/  "grand son worthy" love and attention to detail.

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Maine Made Toys

BAGS ON STICKS:   Bags on Sticks is a family owned and operated business selling handmade bags for men, women, and children. Creating modern and stylish versions of the iconic hobo’s stick & bindle, we are the first to recognize and appreciate the simplicity and beauty of a fabric bag attached to a wooden handle. We know of no other company selling designer bags on sticks.As a family owned business, we understand the importance of keeping jobs local, and place high value on keeping family first. That’s why every bag we sell is made in Maine by a real person at their own home, and our sticks are made at a local wood manufacturing facility with about thirty employees; each stick slightly different by design for a more organic look.Glen Kilbreth, the creator of Bags on Sticks, is a woodworker by trade who has a plethora of skill sets and interests. He is most passionate about new ideas and the constant change they bring. Shortly after graduating in 1996, Glen entered the construction field where he learned the ins and outs of carpentry. With an eye for detail and perfection, he earned an excellent reputation as a finish carpenter. He has also pursued patents for some of his inventions and has had substantial design influence on several commercially available products.


TWO BROS BOWS: Two Bros Bows was started as a way to allow Duncan and Hayden to experience a taste of the entreprenuerial spirit. It has grown into a full time business that sells nationwide. We could not have guessed two years ago, that our bows would be selling in Alaska, California and almost every state in the US. We are so grateful for the wonderful reception we have received and the fantastic people we have met. We want to extend a big thank you to all our fans, supporters and customers.

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